NMRS.io was created to provide efficient access to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy resources.

Dynamic chemical shift tables are available for common NMR impurities. The design accelerates daily research tasks, and provides depth to references when needed.

All data table columns can be sorted to find information quickly by clicking on the column labels. Clicking on a row will highlight all other rows for that compound to help with identification. Expansions of the data, and more ways to access or view it, may be added in the future.

I have also included a list of other NMR resources I have found useful in my research and would like to make accessible to other scientists.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for features you would like to see on NMRS.io please feel free to email me (christopher at the current domain). I would also appreciate an email about any errors or possible corrections to the data.

I would like to specifically recognize Gregory R. Fulmer, Alexander J. M. Miller, Nathaniel H. Sherden, Hugo E. Gottlieb, Abraham Nudelman, Brian M. Stoltz, John E. Bercaw, and Karen I. Goldberg; the authors of the Organometallics article that provided the intial experimental data to make this resource possible. Their commitment to the availability of high-quality data to enable scientific research is exceptional. I thank them greatly for their support.

Thanks for using NMRS.io! If you like this type of research software, that enables you to be a more effective scientist, you may also be interested in Prssm.

Christopher J. Varjas, PhD